The Assam Co-operative Jute Mills Ltd. is situated on the south bank of the river Brahmaputra at Silghat in the Nagaon district of Assam, located at about a distance of 8 km from Jakhalabandha. This is the only Jute Mill in the Country in Co-operative Sector. It was registered in the year 1959 under the Assam Co-operative Societies Act and after much struggle it was commissioned in the year 19'70 with the initial investment of Rs. 150 lakh. But, the Mill after running for about 14 years in rough weather had to close during March 1984 for acute financial crisis and other infrastructural problems and remain closed for about 2 years.


Again, the Mill was reopened on 1st January 1986, under the terms of the Historic Assam Accord with the financial assistance from the Central Govt. as well as State Govt. But, in spite of sufficient Govt. assistance, financial depression developed again due to imbalance in the income and the expenditure. However, after continuous struggle and efforts, the Mill has started improving its economy from the year 1992-93 and since then making continuous progressive net profits. Now, the Mill is completely free from all loans and liabilities and now it is in a stable economic position.

The Mill is implementing the scheme for renovation/modernization of its plant &machinery from its own resources to increase capacity utilization and quality improvement of its product.


Turnover for previous years

Financial Year



 18,67,24,777/- (Including Freight Amount)



20,85,08,469/- (Including Freight Amount)


26,60,29,048/- (Including Freight Amount)


33,24,14,347/- (Including Freight Amount)


31,69,18,447/- (Including Freight Amount)


36,68,91,088/- (Including Freight Amount)


38,11,42,000/- (Including Freight Amount)


45,10,54,000/- (Including Freight Amount)


42,44,15,000/- (Excluding Freight Amount)


52,04,46,000/- (Excluding Freight Amount)