B.Twill Bag (50 kg. Capacity) for packing food grains
B.Twill Bag (95 kg. Capacity) for packing food grains
A.Twill Bag (100 kg. Capacity) for packing sugar
Double Warp Flour (DWF) Bag
Double Warp Tarpaulin Cloth ( DWT) (Odorless)
Hessian Cloth

Jute Matting of different colour (Width 36 inch & 48 inch)


Bleached, Dyed and Laminated cloth for making diversified product.l



Tengile Strength Testing Machine
Cutting Machine
B.Twill Cloth Weaving
Dressing Machine
Spool Winding Machine
Twisting Machine
Spinning Machine
Spinning Machine
Drawing Machine
Drawing Machine
Raw Jute in Softner Machine
Lapping Machine


Quality Specification:

B.Twill Bag (50 kg. Capacity) = 94cm x 57cm - 665 gmsper bag as per BIS Specification No: 12650:2003

B.Twill Bag (95 kg. Capacity = 112cm x 67.5cm - 907 gms per bag

DWT (Odorless) Cloth: 39", 438 gm per linear meter.

Hessian Cloth and Jute Matting: Standard and as per requirement.


Bleached, Dyed and Laminated cloth – 48’’




90" / 72” X 3 Ply X 28 lbs X 20 kgs per bundle

90" / 72” X 3 Ply X 14 lbs X 20 kgs per bundle

90" / 72” X 3 Ply X 9.5 lbs X 20 kgs per bundle







The Government supplies are made as per the rate fixed by the Tariff Commission of Delhi. The rates of other product are based on the daily price bulletin published by the Gunny Trade Association, Kolkata. and the price of prevailing local market.



  1. M. F. Yarn 28 lbs---------------------------------Rs.
  2. M. F. Yarn 9.5 lbs--------------------------------Rs.
  3. Hessian Cloth (all size) + DWT (O)-------------Rs.
  4. All sacking bags----------------------------------Rs.
  5. Lamination:


(a)    8 x 8 – 48’’   bleached                Rs.


            Do            colored                  Rs.


(b)   10 x 10– 48’’bleached                  Rs.


         Do            Raw                          Rs.


(c)   11 x 12 – 48’’bleached                  Rs.




Deliveries are ex-mill basis.

No complain is entertained after the delivery, as such, the customer are requested to depute their representative to be present at the time of deliveries.

All types of legal documents like Tax Invoice, Invoice, and Excise Tax Declarence Certificate etc. are provided to the purchaser at the time of delivery.


Mode of Payment:

100% payment to be made before lifting for the common product and for uncommon product 50% payment to be made at the time of contract.